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Membership will include additional perks such as "weekend deals on select titles, free title giveaways, and monthly coupons," HTC said in a blog post. The service starts on April 2. Ms. Chao, 66, was born in Taiwan to parents who had fled mainland China in the late 1940s and later settled in the United States when she was a schoolgirl. She worked at Foremost in the 1970s but has had no formal role there in decades.

We are making slow, steady progress. The Joint United Nations Program on H.I.V./AIDS last year honored the Ponce De Leon Center in Atlanta, which serves more than 6,000 people a year, most of them living in poverty and uninsured or underinsured. The center provides not only H.I.V. diagnosis and treatment but also financial counseling and nutrition. ‘THE SELF-PORTRAIT, FROM SCHIELE TO BECKMANN’ at the Neue Galerie (through June 24). Self-portraiture can seem pretty narrow. But the 70-odd works in this exhibition, which run from a handful of delightfully exact Rembrandt etchings to Felix Nussbaum’s searing 1940 painting “Self-Portrait in the Camp,” ably demonstrate the genre’s universal scope: It’s a consciously constructed illusion of spontaneous self-revelation, a sincere put-on. And as such it’s a peek beneath the hood of art in general. (Will Heinrich) 212-994-9493, neuegalerie.org

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Mr. Rosselló began his announcement by citing some of the accomplishments of his administration, including passing a balanced budget with no layoffs of public employees, fighting corruption, establishing positive economic growth and lowering taxes. “We raised the salary of teachers in the middle of a bankruptcy,” he said. In an interview after the president issued the order, Mr. Nickels said the decision to go through rule making was “a positive move,” indicating that the administration was listening to concerns from the industry and others. “They have clearly invited or encouraged stakeholders to weigh in,” he said

In April, Customs and Border Protection officials encountered 109,144 migrants at the southwestern border, the highest total since 2007. The acting secretary of homeland security, Kevin McAleenan, said on Thursday that the total figure for May was on pace to break that record “significantly.” Distracted by domestic disagreements over Brexit, and by a race to replace the lame-duck prime minister, Theresa May, the British government currently has a reduced ability to influence international crises.

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Log In3rd Inning: Springer Blasts Astros Into the LeadThe tone of this game changed dramatically when Masahiro Tanaka, who had been brilliant in the first two innings, suddenly couldn’t get an out. And George Springer, who has been slumping for most of the postseason, got his second crucial home run against the Yankees. Along the way, Mr. Brewer and his team have learned valuable lessons that support growth and innovation. “We now have good, practical, cost-effective solutions for many things that were open questions back in the beginning,” Mr. Brewer said. “We’ve also learned what dimensions work well for different kinds of rooms, the characteristics of what residents consider the best outdoor spaces in their homes and that in certain bathrooms, an outdoor shower is preferable to an indoor one.”